Our Vision and Values for Orot HaCarmel

Continue growing and contributing to the already vibrant Jewish Community, centered around a Modern Orthodox Shul in the heart of Carmel Valley!

  • Support the diverse needs of the community, recognizing many of us come from different countries, backgrounds and levels of religious observance.
  • Continue to develop the welcoming atmosphere of care, as well as educational and spiritual growth.
  • Create an environment that is child friendly and can attract young families and expand involvement and membership.
  • Increase interest and participation by offering fresh ideas – be relevant to people from different backgrounds.
  • Promote social interaction and programs that strengthen a sense of community in Carmel Valle
  • Support Modern Orthodox values of Judaism and interpretation of Halacha.
  • Maintain a Zionistic religious orientation that supports the love of Israel.
  • Be relevant to more observant congregants and be able to attract religious families.
  • Promote an environment that is inspirational and encourages growth and motivation.